Amber R. Polk

Amber R. Polk was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Oklahoma. Since then, she moved to Colorado, back to Oklahoma, and now resides in Western Arkansas. Although her husband disagrees, she will always consider herself an Okie and proud of it. She is a great cook (don't fact check with her children) and loves spending her time getting kicked off go-cart tracks for aggressive driving. If you have any questions or comments you can find her on Facebook (she's always there). 

"The characters were truly brilliant. I wanted to befriend them and make plans for all of us to hang out."         -The Pink Bookshelf on Super Chick

"This story kept me on the edge of my seat for six solid hours. I literally could not put it down."       -Snugglebook Blog on Survive

"This story kept me intrigued. There was sadness, love, friendship and loyalty. I giggled a few times, held my breath at others and even shed a couple of tears!!"

-Judy's Confessions

"This book was just what I needed."  -Author Anne Conely on Super Chick